Swartfontein Mountain Desert Guest Lodge

The guest lodge is situated within the Spreetshoogte Nature Reserve, about 180km south-west of Windhoek, at the summit of the Spreetshoogte Pass, overlooking on of the most beautiful and majestic landscape of Namibia.

This traditional settlers house , whose oldest part was build at the beginning of the 20 th century by an german soldier, has a distintictive colonial appearance, with it’s rounded windows,decorated with geraniums, green corrugated roof and a wide veranda. The house is surrounded by a vast lawn,almost an oasis in the middle of a very arid land. a sparkling pool refreshes in summer.
The atmosphere in Swartfontein is relaxed , friendly and pleasant, due to Frank and Susie, your host.
The 10 en-suite rooms are spacious and meet European standards. Electricity and hot water are available 24 hrs, thanks to solar energy.
Breakfast and dinner will be served in the newly renovated restaurant. Whilst enjoying your meal, animals can be observed at the waterhole in front of the restaurant.
In Winter you can enjoy your drink in front of the fireplace, which creates a special atmosphere.

Swartfontein offers various possibillities of entertainment to their visitors. Most activities centre on experiencing the wildlife and the diverse scenery of the Nature Reserve.
Guest are taken on game drives or photographic outings in a 4×4 vehicle.
For the more adventurous ones a day walk in the wildest part of the reserve in search of the protected and elusive mountain Zebra can be organised.
One of the highlights of the stay at the lodge is a sundowner on top of the escarpment, admiring the breathtaking view over the mountains, the plains and the desert, whilst sipping an ice cold drink.
For those who want to experience something unique a scenic flight from our private airstrips can be organised. Please book well in advance.